State of the Vehicular Union

What is the State of the Vehicular Union? If you’ve watched the financial news recently, you are probably about as confused as I am. One network says thing are looking up for the economy. You turn the channel, only to find out that we are in economic free-fall. Automakers are celebrating record sales thanks to… Read More »

Spring-time Right Around the Corner

With spring-time right around the corner, it’s time once again to consider your vehicle and its overall condition. Spring is typically a time for new or newer vehicles to find themselves into driveways across America, but it’s also a time for something else. Something to do with vehicles yes? Of course it is… Spring-time means… Read More »

Welcome Back to CTAV

Welcome to Car Truck and Van Parts… CTAV, for short by the way. I developed the idea behind CTAV following some complicated, drawn-out issues with my primary vehicle. The details of the vehicle’s problem aren’t nearly as important as the fact that I had to order parts and wait, I had to wait for more… Read More »