Vintage Van Parts

There is a category available at CTAV to post any vintage van parts you have for sale. You can also use this category to post want ads for vintage van parts that you seek for a project van that you’ve acquired. The van parts want ads are very effective since many owners of these old… Read More »

2001 Dodge 2500 Van

There’s a new vehicle in the garage and it happens to be a 2001 Dodge 2500 van. The van itself is not perfect, but how many 14 year old vehicles are… The van has some real potential as a work van. The 2001 Dodge 2500 vans have a good reputation and this one looks like… Read More »

State of the Vehicular Union

What is the State of the Vehicular Union? If you’ve watched the financial news recently, you are probably about as confused as I am. One network says thing are looking up for the economy. You turn the channel, only to find out that we are in economic free-fall. Automakers are celebrating record sales thanks to… Read More »

Spring-time Right Around the Corner

With spring-time right around the corner, it’s time once again to consider your vehicle and its overall condition. Spring is typically a time for new or newer vehicles to find themselves into driveways across America, but it’s also a time for something else. Something to do with vehicles yes? Of course it is… Spring-time means… Read More »

Welcome Back to CTAV

Welcome to Car Truck and Van Parts… CTAV, for short by the way. I developed the idea behind CTAV following some complicated, drawn-out issues with my primary vehicle. The details of the vehicle’s problem aren’t nearly as important as the fact that I had to order parts and wait, I had to wait for more… Read More »